Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I'm so ridiuclously excited about my book.
I feel blessed to write it, and excited to read it,
and excited for you when you read it.

I feel like I'm at work...
I feel like an eggbeater sitting in some eggs..
And I'm writing songs!
And since I don't write songs,
these songs are special to me.
I'm not forcing a thing.

I just feel like this work is an expression of my love.
And what a powerful love.
It's all coming to a head, and I'm excited.

I watched Eminem's video 'Just Lose It'
I wonder if anyone else appreciates it for what it is.
It is the number one watched video on AOL..
How can an honest man be condemned?

God has given me grace;
I'm TOTALLY FREAKIN JOE with falling in line...
It's like I can see the end, and it doesn't matter how I get there...

Gotta Love Narnia.


Blogger huh? display what? said...

A I have a lot of friends who started one. I should go right along with it.

10:25 PM


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