Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Thursday, September 18, 2003

I had two exciting video experiences this week. One was exiting, and the other one literally excited my stomach.
I got to shoot a promo video for Lee Jerkins of Rocksoul Entertainment.
The man is a chill dude.
I did an early morning shoot for one of his artists, and a shoot later in the day with my partner J.
Since lighting and sound are key in video, Lee rented a recording studio to do the shoot.
The atmosphere was more chill than my frosted up freezer compartment.
Jessica and I arrived early to set up, and I introduced ourselves as "Camera crew for Lee Jerkins"
The "assistant" was like: "Are you with the Roots? They're right over there."
We clarified, and she was like : "Oh, Lee Jerkins, like Rodney Jerkins! You're in studio A" (they're cousins in real life)
Forget the roots. It wasn't about the roots.
I can't explain the environment. It was so deliberate. Everything was very relaxed, but there was an underlying feeling of professionalism throughout the place. There was so much ceremony involved. Everyone came in and introdced themselves, the owner came in to chat, and it just felt like I was seeing into a different world. Don't anyone read this, ever. It's the beginning of the end of a long day (I have my 5:30-9:00 class, and then I'm done for the week). I'm still making no money. Still telling God daily that I don't need money. Still worried that after i buy my transpass next week that I'll only have 21.00 in the bank. Two more meals left from Temple, and then it's home to frozen "everything you can think of."
of course i don't update.
I'm too coooooooooool for that. (Hollywood Shuffle)
The big swirling world of filmmaking is feeling bigger than the hurricane.
I've gotten myself into this huge world of SO MUCH that i'm stuck.
I'm glad I'm doing film, and I love the work, it's just so deep.
Not like King Solomon, Rumi, deep, like *WARNING 18 ft. DEPTH*
I haven't written in a minute.
I lie.
I wrote a one page exchange about Jack Nicholson the other night.
Then I went to bed.
I'm still on the rebound from getting turned down from that job interview.
I also literally made myself sick this morning by watching my own work.
I did a "video poem" about my neighborhood, and one long take is handheld and knee-level of me walking around downtown.
I'm a big husky guy, and I can eat the most poison of foods, but I got sick to the stomach.
The unstable image projected on a 15 foot 4:3 made for bad.
That was at 11:00 AM. It's 5 pm, I've eaten enough, had sodas, sat calmly, and I'm still "sick"
S'crazy man.
I'm going to do a lot.
I'm just not doing anything presently.
Unless you want to talk limey.
In that case, I'm doing EVERYTHING presently.
Just not now.

I'm not a real dramatic kind of guy either, but I had to close my eyes and put my head down. The shot was so shaky.

This is the first time I've really blogged for the sake of blogging...
But who cares.

"There was no religion in his muscles. He didn't want to be there, but he went anyway, not out of obligation, but with expectation. If there was anywhere he needed to be, that was the place. And each time, he left lighter than he had come in. And it has always been this way for him."

Figure it out.
Too tired to scream.


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