Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Monday, June 30, 2003

This is some childish nonsense.
"I disagree with you, so you're out of my club."
Kicked off of Nsa's blog...
or i suppose that euphemistically speaking,
I wasn't kicked off, I was simply surprised to find, one evening, that every trace of my having been there has been erased.
A trifle, really.

In other news...
it's 4:04 in the a-dot, and I'm replacing mini-blinds.
I taught my first photography class on Friday.
I won a rack of SLR auctions on ebay.
We should be shooting film by mid week.
The camp bonfire was live last night.
I ate MUSSELS!!! Now my month-long hankering for oysters is semi-satiated
And a cheeseburger, and some bbq chicken, and Noah's apple pie.

Last but not least:
While a tad bit legalistic, i'm not dishonest!
My glasses finally, officially, legitimately broke this morning.
Now I can take advantage of the warranty with a clear conscience.
(The initial plan was to break them myself, and take them in to get another pair, and style for free)
i've done the buddy holly thing, the retro thing, and the wire rimmed thing. I've really wanted horned-rims for a minute, but I can only find the frames I want vintage on ebay and they wouldn't fit my big dome, and I'm not trying to share nosepads with a stranger.

Double Ay, honk honk, Em See Oh

Scream at me.

Then why are you reading my blog??

point proven.


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