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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The daisies and the roses.

I took a wrong turn off of Farm road 466, and went the wrong way on Farm Road 1117.
I went further south instead of north.
Anyhow, it put me on this really cinematic route with a lot of ups and downs...
High hills, and low dips.
That's life, I guess, peaks and dips.

God is everywhere. Even in asphalt.
I'm so eager to live carelessly...
I know that sounds crazy...but it's almost the only way I know how to worship anymore.
I suppose CAREless is the wrong way to say it...but I have become so convinced of God's sovereignty that I feel free to do whatever.
It's like in Willy Wonka when they get to the lickable wallpaper, and he says:
"Go ahead, try it! The bananas taste like bananas, the cherries taste like cherries, the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!"
And of course, nobody knew what a snozzberry was...
But I can see God with that same twinkle in his eye, DARING me to try to taste him and find him unpleasant. And the snozzberry...there's always something strange and unknown thrown in there.
I'm getting at grace. Not the "shall we go on sinning?" kind of grace, but the "I am even more powerful than every sin you can imagine!" kind of grace.
I'm inspired to explore the limits (or lack there of) of this thing.
It's like in a dream. When you realize that you're dreaming, you test it out my doing something outrageous. Not out of sinful impulse, but to really check if you're dreaming.

If you have a gun, and someone tells you that his face is bulletproof, what would YOU do?
Well I have a gun, and life is bulletproof.
I feel God inviting me to pull the trigger at his nose.
I hope I'm not leading anyone astray.
Understand my meaning; I intend to celibrate life and freedom.

I want to fall in love with you.


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