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Sunday, March 09, 2003

Working out is stupid.
It really is.
What a life-deficiency! What kind of life are we living when we have to make time to artificially do what we should be doing during the day? Prayer closets are stupid, beauty spas are stupid.
When's the last time we joined a Scrabble Club to 'keep that mind in shape?' This may be last year's revelation for most of you, but it has just hit me with clarity. Health Club. Peesh. Many times, what happens at church is straight up stupid. It should be that way all day, all week. What is the point of simulating exercises to keep you healthy?
Are there SWIMMING MACHINES that help you learn to swim? Are there? Which exercise simulates walking 10 blocks with too many groceries? Or the "wait, don't close the train doors yet" exercise....

I'm not going to completely bash people on this one.
Our busy world doesn't exactly lend itself to leaping around, walking more, and squatting tons.
But shoot, is it a normal practice for people to just go to a shrink for a routine diagnosis?

I have a problem with this GYM MENTALITY...
It's unnatural. If you're in a gym, you're either:
a) Trying to make up for the exercise your environment doesn't allow
b) Trying to make your body look the way you want it to
c) Aimlessly working out because you feel guilty and think you should.

How narrow is that? I know.
But you have to try to understand what I'm saying here. I didn't just get up and decide to bash Bally's. There's something off about any religiously performed practice. Even religion itself. I'd wreck churchgoers too. Adam included. My pastor here in Philly says: Church is not primarily about you. If you haven't come to give, (not said in a financial context) then don't come.

We don't choose anymore.
A Choice is all of a sudden a foreign concept.
I'm sick of people saying things like:
"You didn't have to." or "I'll let you go..." or people who look at you and don't realize that you're not an accident.
I didn't wear this shirt and these pants just because.
Freak, no, I didn't cut my hair "just because."
What kind of...what do I look like to you?

And it's disheartening for me, because I automatically assume that even if you haven't 'got it together', that you at least do the things you do on purpose. Why else would you?! But there are people who are buffeted by opinion. What the heck? (Said like my father)
The only 'person' I let jerk me around is God. And even God doesn't do that. I wish he WOULD sometimes...but life is all about choice...
One day, soon.



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